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What is Third Age Learning?

Third age learning is not related to a specific age but to a period in one’s life (the third age) after the second age of full-time employment and parental responsibility and the first age of childhood. Some of the links on this page will refer to UA3. The University of the Third Age is an international movement whose aims are the education and stimulation of mainly retired members of the community—those in their third ‘age’ of life. It is commonly referred to as U3A.


U3A Online

U3A Online is the world-first virtual University of the Third Age delivering online learning via the Internet. All that’s needed to study online is access to a computer with an Internet connection – and some basic computing skills. U3A Online offers many other useful resources for older people, especially those who are geographically, physically or socially isolated.

More Information

U3A Online originated in Australia in 1998, as an acknowledgement that although a local U3A is the best way to meet with other like-minded people, there are those who are isolated through distance, or through physical or other social circumstances. All courses are done online and like all U3As, it is run entirely by volunteers and with the same aim: to encourage lifelong learning. Membership is open to anyone over 40 and younger disabled people and their carers.

U3A Online delivers a wide range of over 70 online courses and is open to anyone anywhere in the English speaking world.
Membership costs only $A30 per year and all courses are then free to members in that year. You can do as many or as few as you like; there are no prior qualifications, no exams, no deadlines, assignments or other impediments to enjoyable learning.
From courses in World Affairs, Politics and History through to Life Matters, Literature, Writing and Creativity, and even Dinosaurs, members are bound to find subjects to interest them. U3A Online also provides members with GEMs – a free monthly e-newsletter containing reviewed links to resources, interesting research snippets for health and lifestyle,
conscious readers, fun, and technical bits and pieces.

To become a member go to our website: https://www.u3aonline.org.au/ and click on
Individual Membership in the “How to Join” box. Payment can be safely made via our PayPal (you don’t need to have a PayPal account yourself) or by direct bank deposit. For further information email us at: [email protected]

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