Information for Course Facilitators 

Getting Started

We will supply you with the contact information of your Instructor before the class begins. We recommend that you contact the Instructor before the class is scheduled, in order to chat, introduce yourself, and discuss a number of items. It is helpful if the instructor puts his or her contact information and yours on the Course Information Page. The Course Information Page is the place where Instructors add information about the class, upload articles, send emails, etc. We have provided Instructors with instruction on how to do this by providing a link called “Instructor Information”  accessible from their Course Page in their Account.

You should also discuss:

1) if the Instructor is comfortable introducing themselves or would they prefer you to do it. If they want you to do so, there are details on the Autobiography Section of the Course Information. You can also get facts from the Instructor

2) how would they like to conduct the course. Would they like questions to be handled via CHAT, RAISED HANDS, EMAIL, ETC.

3) would they like participants to be muted or not

4) should you let everyone in as they arrive in the waiting room or, as a group

Here are a couple of reminders for you as the class progresses:

1)remember to start the class 15 mins ahead of the scheduled time. This gives you time to get settled.

2)make the Instructor a co-host as soon as he/she enters the course

3) give your contact info once again to the class on the first day, via Chat.


The most common problem that we experienced over the past Winter Session was: learners losing their ZOOM INVITE or not being able to access the class.

Here is one way that might be helpful for you if/when this happens:

If you are contacted from outside the class by someone either via email or phone with a “lost link,” send the ZOOM INVITE link from inside the site.

This is done by going to the bottom of the PARTICIPANTS LIST and clicking on the THE “INVITE BUTTON”

You are then directed to another page . Choose the DEFAULT EMAIL button and send the link to the person’s email address.



As our online courses draw to completion, the Board of ELLA and the Program Implementation Committee would like to thank you for volunteering to be an Online Course Facilitator for ELLA’s 2021 Spring Session. Your contribution as Facilitator has been essential for the smooth-working of these courses. We could not have done it without your help.

As this year is the first time ELLA has utilized online Facilitators and run a full program of online courses, we are eager to learn about your experience and insights for hosting future online courses. In order to gather this information, the Evaluation Committee is setting up a special Facilitator Evaluation Survey.

When the Survey is ready, you will see the title “OCF Winter Session” which will be added to the My Courses portion of your account.
Scroll down and under the  There are Surveys Available, you will see two evaluations: one for the Course Instructor and one for the Course Facilitator.

We ask that you complete the survey after the course you are facilitating has ended.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Walter Archer, Ruth Collins-Nakai, or myself.


Diane Mirth, Program Implementation Chair 


Please share these messages with the course participants:

1. Thank the Instructor on behalf of ELLA for a course well done  

2. COURSE EVALUATIONS A link to the four-question evaluation will be in your ‘My Account’ Course page by the second last class. In order to access the evaluation,  go to the COURSE PAGE. Scroll past ‘Your Courses’ to ‘There are Surveys Available’. ‘There are Surveys Available’ pops up when a survey is available. The evaluation survey will close seven (7) days after the last class. 

Participants timely response greatly assists the Program Development Committee with planning future sessions. These comments, opinions, and suggestions help shape our ELLA programs! 

3. Please share this message directly with the Instructor. 

INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION: A link for the Instructor Course Evaluation will be in your ‘Course Page’ by the second last class. The survey will be in the ‘There are Surveys Available’. Please be frank, as your opinions help shape our program! The survey will close seven (7) days after the last class. 

 If the instructor asks… yes, they will receive a copy of the course evaluation within a week of the course ending.

4. Facilitator Evaluation: Remember to complete your Facilitator Evaluation…thank  you.

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