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Spring Session runs April 29 - May 17
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2022 Spring Session May 2-20
Course Facilitator Information

WELCOME TO SPRING SESSION as ELLA returns to University of Alberta campus! 

This year ELLA courses are being held in three locations – Education Building, Van Vliet  Complex and Enterprise Square. ELLA is abiding by the expressed wishes of members that we  be mindful of Covid transmission by encouraging participants to mask, and where as possible  maintain social distancing. To that end the classroom capacity ranges from 50 to 60%  depending on the size of the room, activity involved and the maximum number an instructor has  requested. 

Prior to the First Day – 

As in previous in-person sessions, you will receive an email introducing you to the course instructor in the week before the start of Spring Session. This is an opportunity for you to:

  • discuss how the instructor would like to be introduced
  • communicate that the CF will monitor the number of people in the classroom
  • advise that you will have a supply of white board markers, eraser and batteries
  • make aware that you will be sharing announcements with course participants
  • emphasize that you are not Tech Support! 

The First Day – Monday 2 May 

Before your first class please stop by the Registration desk on the first floor of the Education  Building – in the hall way just north of the cafeteria to pick up your name badge and lanyard. All  ELLA participants are requested to be identified, as we are guests of the University. This desk  will be open from 08:00am to 3:30pm the first day. 

If you are the CF for a course at Enterprise Square (Art Instruction) or Van Vliet Complex  (Fitness) please pick up the name badge/lanyard for the instructor. The Registration folks will  have a list.  

Please stop by the ELLA Information Desk to pick up a zippy bag with White Board markers, an  eraser and batteries (for the wireless microphone). 

Please arrive early at the class to greet the instructor. 

Key first class messages: At the start of the class  

  • Welcome everyone to ELLA Spring Session and the course
  • Introduce yourself and the instructor
  • The classroom is at a lower capacity than previous in-person session to abide by  members –
  • request for social distancing. Masks are recommended
  • no classroom tourism!
  • Be considerate of those who may have mobility or hearing challenges
  • Need to leave the room in good condition with desks in order
  • Course materials will be posted on the Course page (access from your Account page on the ELLA website) 

Noon Hour presentations – information will be posted at the ELLA Information table, and will also be sent to all members via email. Please refer to the CF Calendar. 

Housekeeping items:  

  • be mindful of your surroundings – know where the exits are, fire pull stations and belongings – there is no storage space in the Education Building 
  • the name badge and lanyards are yours to keep. Do not turn in at the end of the session.
  • there are no trash receptacles in the classrooms or fitness studios. Please note the trash/recycle stations in the hallways (see photo)
  • the hall way clocks do not work
  • lost and found – items turned in to the ELLA Information Desk will be held until the end of Spring Session, then sent to trash.

Your ELLA website My Account lists your courses. When the course title is clicked the Course  page opens to a description of the course the instructor bio. This is also where participants will find materials posted to enhance their learning. The instructor is not required to post materials,  

but often post resources, reading lists, and PowerPoint presentations that they can reviewed  and downloaded. Of note the course page closes five days after the last class. 

The following is part of the information being sent to all Spring Session participants: 

Photography – Volunteers will be taking photos that will be used on the ELLA website and  possibly for promotional purposes. If you do not want your photo take, please inform the  photographer and / or move out of the photograph.  

The ELLA Information Desk will be situated close to the Registration desk, just up the hallway from the cafeteria. This desk will be open from 8:00 am to 4:00pm the first two days and then 

from 8:15 am to 2:45pm for the remainder of Spring Session – unless other wise posted. After  the first day the any registrations will be at this desk.  

UofA campus WIFI: 

Anyone on the U of Alberta campus can join the free / open network called ‘[email protected]’ by  looking for the WIFI connection and clicking on the UAlberta connection on the list of WIFI  networks on their laptops, phones or tablets. Once you select it you then need to open a web  browsing program like Safari or Google Chrome. Then a U of Alberta message will appear on screen  to which you need to click accept. Once you have clicked accept you will have internet access  on that device. 

Week 3:  

The Course Evaluation will be posted on everyone’s ELLA Account page by the evening of  Tuesday May 17th. The evaluation closes 3 days after the last class – Monday May 23rd at  11:59pm. Your completion of the survey is seriously considered by the Program Development  team with planning future ELLA sessions.  

On Monday May 16th s wing by the ELLA Information Desk to pick up a thank you card for the  instructor. You will need to pass this around the class for signatures. 

The Last Day – Friday 20 May 

Thank the instructor for the course and present the thank you card. 

Remind course participants that the Course Evaluation survey closes on Monday May 22nd at  11:59pm. The course page closes five days after the last class – Wednesday May 25th at  midnight.  

Return the zippy bag with the eraser, any un-used White Board marker pens (those that have  been used, please leave in the classroom) and batteries to the ELLA Information Desk. 


Lynne Moulton, Program Implementation Committee Chair 

o during the day at Spring Session – text to 780-909-8342 

o evenings [email protected] 


Fire, Police, Ambulance, or Hazardous Spills CALL 911, then call U of A Protective Services at 780-492-5050 (24hrs).

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