Spring Session 2020 has been cancelled due to pandemic.

Dear ELLA Members

The Board of Directors of ELLA has weighed all of the medical facts and, in taking our cues from the University of Alberta, have come to the conclusion that, in the interests of the health of our members and the community, we are cancelling Spring Session 2020. Thank you to all the volunteers for the thousands of hours that they have put in setting up the Spring Session 2020 program. It is a big disappointment for us all to have to cancel.
An Annual General Meeting will be held at a later date.
Details of how you will be receiving a full refund for your tuition, if you have already registered, will be forthcoming in the next few days. Please do not call the ELLA office to inquire about your refund. We will reach out to you in as timely a fashion as possible. This could take a number of weeks as we have many hundreds of refunds to process and a small group of office volunteers. Thank you for your patience.
Your President

Shirley Forrest

We look forward to presenting Spring Session 2021. 

If you wish, you can still look at the wonderful program that had been planned for this year.

ELLA Program Guide 2020 

We’re excited for April 27th and the start of ELLA!