Physics for Everyone! – Gazer, Reuben


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Instructor: Reuben Gazer
Course Date: October 4, 2021 to November 24, 2021
This course takes place from 3:00 PM to 3:59 PM:
Mondays, Wednesdays

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Physics is the fundamental set of rules by which everything in the universe plays. The constant beat of your heart, the flash and crack of a lightning strike and even your cooling coffee are all physics. How can so many different things be described by a single science?

The purpose of this course is for students to understand the most important rules of physics at a high level, instead of all the rules of physics at a low level. We will learn simple, powerful, and useful tools to explain topics like heat and energy transfer, gravity, light, electricity and the atom – all without the use of any detailed mathematics! These tools are practical and broadly applicable for regular people in their everyday lives.

An underlying goal of this course is to learn how human beings have historically figured out the rules of physics, especially thousands of years ago with limited tools. This course will rely heavily on class discussion and debate and use myriad physical and visual demonstrations.


Reuben Gazer is a physics enthusiast, magician, science educator and former data engineer and business analyst in Edmonton. Fascinated by the world around him, he believes that nothing is “obvious” about how things work and loves to understand the interaction of mathematics and the real, natural world. Reuben has a BSc in Physics from McMaster and a MSc in Astrophysics from the UofA in 2017. He has taught math or science in one realm or another for 10 years, runs his own math/science tutoring business, and regularly gives public talks on the importance of science and science communication to the public. Starting in September 2021, Reuben is completing a BEd after-degree to take his love of teaching into high schools here in Alberta.

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