*** Course Cancelled *** 22-S10 Simulation Technology – Educating Healthcare Providers in the 21st Century – Zheng, Bin

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Instructor: Bin Zheng
Course Date: May 2, 2022 to May 20, 2022
This course takes place from 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM:
Monday to Friday

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Every health student needs to learn numerous healthcare procedures before providing services to patients with confidence. Health skills, ranging from giving a muscle injection to helping with baby delivery, are conventionally learned at the bedside of patients. At the U of A, like most other health institutes in Canada, we have developed simulation programs for skill training. Health students now have increasing opportunities to practice health skills without compromising the quality of patient care. In this course, we will overview simulation development, discuss its role in health education, and introduce cutting-edge technologies behind simulation design, including our efforts in searching for synthetic tissues, making 3D anatomical models, and designing the virtual reality for different training scenarios. Didactic lectures and in-class demonstrations will be provided for learners to explore simulation program at the U of A and meet with our simulation researchers and educators. We will discuss the barriers and challenges of integrating simulation to healthcare, and will be happy to receive comments and suggestions for future simulation development.


Unlike most medical researchers focusing on patients and their health problems, Dr. Bin Zheng put surgeons under the spotlight. Explicitly, Dr. Zheng studies performance and cognition of surgeons during surgery, especially in the image-guided and remote manipulated surgery, such as endoscopic and robotic surgery. As an engineer with full training in medicine, Dr. Zheng tries to understand surgeons’ eye-hand coordination and decision-making under stressful environments like the operating room and emergency room.  He then designs the training system to support the surgeons. Currently, Dr. Zheng is an associate professor in surgery and holds the Endowed Research Chair in Surgical Simulation at U of A. He collaborates with surgeons, engineers, clinical educators, and psychologists to develop simulators, then evaluates the educational outcome of his simulation-based programs. His long-term goal is to promote the use of simulation in surgery for improving patient care and safety.

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