*** Cancelled *** 22-H11 Higher Education Around the World and Throughout the Ages – Archer, Dr. Walter

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Instructor: Walter Archer
Course Date: May 2, 2022 to May 20, 2022
This course takes place from 10:35 AM to 11:35 AM:
Monday to Friday

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Higher education has a long history within many cultures in various parts of the world. It has evolved from its status throughout history as a fringe activity of tiny elites to the situation today, when higher education is a major determinant of our social and economic structure. After a brief discussion of the development of higher education in various parts of the world, we will look at the present status and structure of higher education throughout the modern world, with particular focus on Canada and the United States. The evolution of instructional techniques in higher education, as well as the evolution of the educational technologies used to support them, will also be discussed. Finally, some (educated?) guesses will be presented as to how higher education will evolve in the near future.


Dr. Walter Archer has been a professor at the U of A  and a professor and dean at the University of Saskatchewan. He served two years as president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education and is a Distinguished Member of that organization.

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