Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association (ELLA)

 The Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association (ELLA) exists to provide a variety of educational courses to adults 50+, through its partnership with the University of Alberta.  Reflecting the diverse needs and interests of adults, the courses are current and relevant, challenging, and fun opportunities to promote mental and physical well-being.  ELLA is wholly volunteer-driven.  Its community of volunteers ensures that course fees do not present a barrier to participation.

Vision: A dynamic community of lifelong learners (adults aged 50 and older) who actively participate in learning

Mission: To offer adults, in partnership with the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, high quality and affordable non-credit educational courses, seminars and workshops which stimulate both mind and body by exploring liberal arts, fine arts, sciences, humanities and physical activities.


We believe:

  • that maintaining intellectual and physical health by the continued acquisition of learning contributes to an improved quality of life for older adults 
  • that the cost of attending ELLA programs must be maintained at a level that encourages the participation of retired individuals on a fixed income
  • in providing a non-threatening and physically accessible environment for ELLA programming
  • in the engagement and involvement of older adults in the planning, design and administration of their own programs
  • that volunteers are our most valuable resource
  • that a volunteer led, not for profit organization independent from and in partnership with the University of Alberta is an excellent vehicle for providing ELLA programming
  • that an equitable relationship with the University of Alberta will enhance the university status in the community


Essence of ELLA 

  • ELLA is passionate about the opportunity to create the learning we want in a community of lifelong learners.
  • ELLA is best at providing quality well-rounded learning in a welcoming, warm and fun environment.
  • ELLA’s resource engine is our dedicated, committed volunteers and leadership working in partnership with the university to deliver a unique ELLA form of learning.