Supplies for 2017 Art Classes:

Click on each course name to access the supplies needed.

Important Note:  As class size is limited some prospective students may not be able to register as the class may be full.  Therefore do not purchase supplies until your registration in the class has been confirmed. Substituting other materials for the materials listed by the instructor is not recommended.

EL 30: Drawing and Watercolours for Intermediates Instructed by Frances Alty-Arscott

EL 31:  Carving a Wood Spirit in Bark – Instructed by Laurie Wilson-Larson

EL 32: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Acrylic Painting – Instructed by Rick Rogers and Samantha Williams-Chapelsky

EL 60: A Fresh Start With Watercolours Instructed by Frank Haddock

EL 61: Beginners Sketching – Instructed by Susanne Lamoureux