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I am not sure how this will be formatted until I submit it. It may be bad I am practicing.
Most of this is in the email I just sent both of you.

Please start compiling a list of things we covered and things you want me to cover in the near and distant future. In this way, this will help me understand what you know, what you think you know and determine what you don’t know you don’t know.  All this information will also help develop the IT handbook.

I feel it is very important to start forming the new IT Committee. As you can see, there is more work than one or two people can reasonably do. As it stands now, the following is our Purpose & Function statements:

Things to add to the agenda of the Sep. 26th meeting:
 LimeSurvey versus Survey Monkey; see attached email
 Quickly go over the following Purpose and Functions

• To develop and maintain technological support for ELLA electronic assets
• The continued design/development and maintenance of ELLA’s WordPress based website
• Maintain our Online membership system (Woocommerce)
• Support and train key members:

    to update mailing lists
    to update calendar
    as Filling Clerks
    to send out mass emails
    to edit and update website
    to use Lime Survey
    to work with EventBrite (our third party Spring Session registration system)
    to enter memberships

 Go over the members we have and the members we need to properly carry out the above functions.